The Benefits of a Bespoke Kitchen

Choosing improvements for your kitchen can seem a daunting task but, at Lund & Law, we’re got you covered.

With a new year ahead of us, the potential of what 2022 will bring is fresh in your mind. The start of a year is also quite often the perfect time to look for positive change in your life, whether you’ve picked an exciting new year’s resolution, dug out those running shoes, or decided to improve a part of your home!

In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of creating a bespoke kitchen.

Bespoke Over Off-The-Shelf

Choosing to create bespoke kitchens is the best way to get the most out of your available space. While ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘ready to fit’ may sound like a quick choice to improve your kitchen, you may find that the process becomes a slow crawl as you must search through all the options to find the item close enough to what you desire or, at least, something that is ’okay’.

One of the significant advantages of investing in a bespoke kitchen is that it can be adapted to suit you. Picking made to measure saves you from a selection of off-the-shelf items that you may grow tired of later in the year and replace. A quick fix will always need fixing again one day as well but, by choosing bespoke, you can not only have a perfect installation where everything will fit in your home but a premium product that will last too.

Unique to Your Needs and Taste

We all love our homes, and the heart of the house is the kitchen. It is, simultaneously, a source of luxurious comfort and warmth whilst also a practical space for all meal preparation. Every kitchen is also as unique as the family using it. As the years go by, it gets moulded into a statement of their personalities but what if you could go straight to the end result without those intervening years? That’s where we can help.


Unlimited Design Options

Everybody has different preferences and styles, so we don’t focus on just one style for our kitchen designs. We are just as excited about creating a sleek contemporary design as we are about designing a classic country style and anything you can think of in-between. Lund & Law are flexible to your design requirements.

You should always consider your lifestyle before making layout and design decisions; after all, this is a pretty big decision. The design of your kitchen should be a reflection of how the space will be used in the future.

Is it going to be an efficient space? A room where everything is readily available and easy to find? Then perhaps a classic U-shaped layout around the perimeter of the room would suit you — an arrangement with plenty of open facing storage space with every item clearly visible.

Perhaps you wish the opposite and would prefer if everything was not in view when not needed. We are very experienced in creating hidden cupboard style storage spaces that look as beautiful closed as they do open. These hidden cupboard style spaces give the illusion of a beautiful minimalist space without compromising the storage space you require.

A centre island unit can easily adapt to various functions, and you can use it to create a compact multifunctional space. By adding a selection of bar stool chairs to the room, a centre island unit could also be beneficial in bringing more workspace to the kitchen as a convenient place to prepare your meals. In addition, you can have more storage space by putting cupboard units inside it or even indented shelving.

Is it going to be a place to entertain? Maybe an open kitchen plan would work better for you, thereby leaving plenty of room for people to gather. However, many kitchens today have a floor plan that flows into a dining area. With Lund & Law, you could create a bespoke environment that matches both the kitchen and dining area (and your lifestyle), so one beautifully flows into the other, giving off the feeling that they belong together.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your kitchen, please browse our portfolio images on our website.

Handcrafted Luxury

Our experienced design team here at Lund & Law specialises in bespoke kitchens because we believe there is no substitute for the freedom of choice this will give our clients. Our handcrafted interiors are all custom-made with no pre-built elements, so the final result will be something unique to you, a bonus that will be lost when buying pre-built kitchen units. Don’t limit yourself to choosing the same items other people have when you can, instead, enjoy something singular for your home.


Your Dreams Made A Reality

In short, a bespoke kitchen is the best way for you to get the most out of an essential room in your home and own something unique and personal to you as well.

With over three decades of experience in designing and creating handcrafted interiors, we at Lund & Law have helped fulfil the dreams of many happy clients, creating just the right kitchen environment they always wanted.

If this fresh new year has inspired you with dreams of a bespoke kitchen or even a bespoke boot room and bespoke utility room, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Whether it’s a slight improvement or an extensive luxury home interior overhaul, our luxury design team are eager to hear from you.