Custom Title Excerpt

Dawsons Sedbergh


Here are Lund and Law, we pride ourselves on our design in both creating and helping dream up ideas. Dawson’s Sedbergh was exactly this, with our client freshly moved into their home, they wanted to make it their own. They chose Lund and Law to design and create the full room redesign.

If you similarly have some idea of what you would like, or no idea but would like to chat – enquire here. We are here to make your dreams come to reality.

Project Included

Our client at Dawson’s Sedbergh, very traditionally, got in contact after spotting our sign outside our road.

We went to quote for combining two rooms into one and measure the space along with chatting designs and ideas.

We always send out a design to the client, so they can visualise before confirming! It’s easier to change your mind when you see it in visual form!

Our client provided their own builder and used our electrician in this instance.

Our units were installed into the room but then COVID-19 put the work on hold and wonderfully, our client was very patient with this. Imagine being about to see the beautiful units but without being able to use them – definitely a test of patience!

We spray finish our units before they enter the customer’s house with the units being hand painted once we are happy with the fit and everything works. This is one of the last jobs that happens.

As you can see from the photos, Dawson’s Sedbergh was a big and very satisfying job.

We would like to thank our clients for their patience and for having such a fun eye for beauty.